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Cascade Animal Health

Cascade Animal Health specialises in animal care products which are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your pet’s health and well-being.

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At Cascade Animal Health, we work hard to provide the best choice, lowest cost, and greatest convenience to our customers!


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We have developed a range of derma-friendly pet shampoos using organic ingredients to ensure your fur baby’s skin and coat is healthy and shiny.
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We know how much you love your fur-baby, but sometimes you need a little extra help with their training. Our range of scientifically formulated products will make this easy for you.
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Health & Wellness

With our scientifically formulated products, you can ensure your pet stays healthy and happy.
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Pet Hygiene

As much as we love them, our pets can be unhygienic, but with our range of Pet Hygiene products, you can keep your home clean and fresh.

Organic, scientifically-formulated animal care products.